Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cha cha cha changes...

I know it's crazy to think I am finally posting again. The eldest is 16 and driving...which is scary and awesome all in one. Lou is nine, almost ten now, and loving fourth grade. The Stink is almost three...and acts exactly how a two and a half year old acts, though he is awesome at the alphabet and knows all the letters and numbers up to 20. Matt and I have separated and the kids and I have moved into a new home. We love it! Pictures to come. All in all - God is good. The days are not always easy, and they are constantly full, but I have an amazing village and loving friends and family and am so lucky.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Family Easter Shots

Happy Easter Everyone!
This year we had a fun Easter Egg hunt in the yard! Sully was big enough to participate some and grandpa and Sully searched while Lou and Matt looked for the "camouflage eggs" that looked like rocks, grass and bark. It was a fun time!
Gearing up for hunting! Lou finds a stony looking egg in the veggie garden!
Sully gets lucky and finds a barky egg near a tree while grandpa watches...
So happy to have an egg!

Bye-bye everyone!! Can't wait till next year!

Sully's Birthday

Sully was sick with the flu for his birthday -- so it wasn't quite a joyous event. However, nana and grandpa came down to celebrate and although there was no cake, we had sparklers for entertainment. Happy 1st Sully!Sully and Grandpa watch the sparkler spark!
As nana lets it fly!
At 14 months, Sully is not quite walking...he loves to push along his walker (though its a bit frantic and scary) and walk along his Bright Starts track. I am not pushing walking, since I have a feeling he will be running all too soon!


Sam has already learned guitar (though he's a bit rusty) and now Lou is taking piano lessons! She's been playing for almost a year and loving it (though practice is not always fun). I'm not quite an asian tiger mom, but the tears are often flowing as Lou practices her thirty minutes a day.

Now grandpa is starting to work on Sully...teaching him the basics of guitar too!


Sam played basketball this year. He hadn't ever played in the past, so this was the first time he'd ever played on a team. He had a great time playing, and now plays constantly on our new hoop outside the house. Here are a couple pictures of Sam in all his basketball glory...

Monday, April 04, 2011


So much has happened in the last few months...I can't believe that April has come already. The baby is quickly becoming a toddler -- moving warily on two feet as he wanders around the house clinging onto furniture. Sully turned one on March 1 and has become a vocal child...chattering loudly to everyone and anyone. He loves playing with his siblings, but loves his daddy the best. He's a joy to spend time with...and I am lucky to get to be with him everyday.

Lou just turned 8 on April Fool's Day -- she had a family party at home and a party at the local theatre with all of her school friends. It was a blast. She got lots of gifts, everyone had tons of fun, and Tangled was awesome. Lou loves playing outside, picking flowers, swinging on the tire swing and drawing with her chalk. She is unafraid to sing in front of people, and unfortunately has her mother's voice...LOUD.

Sam is growing tall - over 6'2 now -- probably 6'3. He just got the lead in Guys and Dolls (he plays Sky) and is running and high jumping in track...but he is really countin the days till football in HIGH SCHOOL! He got his first job as busser at Pizza Ranch and has worked three days so far. He has opinions on everything, but is learning to listen and be respectful while he disagrees with everything I say. It works so far...he has interesting ideas and is a great student.

I am blessed to have such amazing children! And I am blessed that Matt is able to provide so I get to be with them so often. Look around and see that the Lord is good --- all the time! Blessings and peace to all!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sam and Sully

The family is getting used to having a baby around again. Though Sam won't change diapers, he likes hanging out with Sully when he gets a chance. Especially if it gets him out of cleaning!

Lou's Concert

Lou goes to Sageville School - home of 350 students and a tiny the students don't have a full K-5 concert. Instead, they have K & 1, 2 & 3, and 4 & 5. Lou performed last night in the 2nd grade program at Sageville. The kids sang Hakuna Matata, Candle on the Water, Part of Your World, The Country Bears, and It's a Small World. Lou had a great time singing her songs and Sully and Sam were happy to come along - Sam even took the pictures!

Lou ready for her concert!
All the kids ready to go!


Friday, January 21, 2011


Sully was baptized on Sunday! It was a fantastic celebration. I was able to baptize him, Grace Wehrspan was the deacon who announced him into the church and Andrea Griffiths and Ben Rogut are Sully's Godparents. It was amazing and Christ-filled.

The whole family...
Dad, Sam and I singing
The whole family celebrating...
The whole Godparents...
During the service...
I baptize you in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Snapshots of Sully

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Kids

While Darci was here Lou and Darci's daughter played constantly. They are great friends even though they only see each other a few times a year.
Darci's second daughter after I straightened her hair.
Sully hanging out and playing with his new toys.Matt and Sully playing...

Straight Hair?

Last weekend, one of my oldest friends came to visit. Darci Hernandez and her three girls came to spend a night and just hang out. We played cards, ate lots of food, watched movies, and chit-chatted all night. Darci used to do my hair all the time when we were 12 and curled up my hair nicely while she was here. She also straightened Sam's hair---I think we like it curly best...what do you think?